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Anyone can move

The non-profit organization ICP-move, (Inclusive Colour Picture Movement) is an organization that aims to encourage all people to move and this at their own level and pace.  We strive to adjust sports or movement activity in such a way that the performer experiences optimal involvement.  Our slogan is therefore "Anyone can move".

By placing the 'I' in ICP, we emphasize that 'INCLUSION' is important in our vision.  Playing sports together ensures involvement, recognition and integration of each individual. The didactics ICP move, has been developed to structure to different levels of communication in an understandable way (colour – number – icon – verbal).

By consistently linking ICP move to the BAD principle, we obtain a total development of the executor. ‘Move-Breathe-Think ‘. By forcing the performer to think about his/her movement every time, we improve cognition.  Combined with controlled breathing, we stimulate the brain. Because the ICP-move methodology appeals to a broad basis of human development, this method can be used in many fields. Within regular, special pre-primary, primary and secondary education, sports clubs, therapy and rehabilitation centres, in the home or home, fitness centres, playgrounds, care centres, ...

One can utilise the ICP-move structure appropriately and/or subtly from kindergarten to senior age.  This creates a new generation where inclusion has become obviously. In order to bring a new generation of young people into contact with ICP-move, it is important that the new (and current) generation of teachers and supervisors (ortho, logo, physio, teachers and trainers) also master ICP-move. If we want to pursue inclusion through sport, we will have to show each new generation all possibilities again and again.

The second main goal is that the non-profit organisation ICP-move obtain a universal recognisability, over all the various sports activities. Every sport and sports club must be able to preserve its individuality.  We have to get over all those small 'sports islands' that come up with their own Inclusive structure.  It brings peace of mind for people when they come into a new situation or environment, if they find a foothold through the recognisability of ICP-move. When a person is (obliged) to change his environment, they look for landmarks, because this gives peace of mind.  And let that be precisely what a person needs to be able to develop himself, “peace of mind”. Whether one switches between schools, switches between different sports, wants to make the transition from school sports to club sports or from school sports to therapy room.   Each change will go better when it can run smoothly.  A good relationship of trust from the first contact we want to strive.

ICP-move could be the perfect tool for you.