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We believe that it is a human right to do sports for everybody. Therefore, based on the great success of the previous projects like I-Karate Global, we decided to launch a new project called ICP-Move.ICP-move is a unique movement theory, based on the fundamentals of Inclusive karate and combined with mental and cognitive aspects. The whole is accompanied by coloured images and, in English 'Colour Picture', the 'CP' in ICP-move. The “I “stands for Inclusive, by means we want to include all people with special needs, elderly people etc. into society.

Our Buddy system for example where we pair up kids with disabled kids to practice together has a high value in our methodology because besides of doing sport together we also create friendship bounds.

Our ICP-move app is suitable for the most common screens, from smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer to smart TV. For example, we can bring the app's unique ICP-move theory of movement to the place where the person with a disability can do guided G-sports. Especially people with more severe disabilities keep moving more easily. That is the 'move' in 'ICP-move'.  We want to turn the ICP-move app into a personal virtual coach for G athletes who want to exercise healthy and enjoyable. It is also an addition to the group training. Everyone can improve the learned skills or execution at their own pace, and even learn new exercises. If G-athletes can perform a movement better, they see the fun of it and the courage to move together grows, which in turn promotes social inclusion, the 'I' in ICP move. 

This project mainly target people with all kinds of disabilities with the aim to help them contribute to social activities and boost their spirits. Although in the last few months the spread of Corona Virus limit the social connections between people, this particular method of exercise can link all its users from all over the world together. Disabled people are not the only ones who benefit from this unique movement method. Special need schools, Schools, sport clubs can also enjoy the advantages of what this method brings to them. Now we can also reach people whom stay at home for the moment. Coaches and trainers make use of a standard method of teaching in which they can adjust their speed of teaching to individuals who are practicing with. In higher levels, societies also take advantage of this system by reducing the number of passive people and turning them into active ones. Since this system can be applied by all types of disabilities also toddlers and elderly people, the motto of ICP-move is: “anyone can move”.

We understand that it is our social responsibility to integrate more people in a healthy environment and make the world a better place to live for anyone.