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Our upcoming events


Februari 26, 27 & 28 - 2nd year students follow an ICP move course as part of the orthopedagogy training.

Mars 9 - Digitization symposium:  ICP-move is one of the speakers at the Dommelhof in Pelt.


September 16th 2021 - Special Olympics in Brussels

September 27th 2021 - Additional training for physiotherapy students

October 2th 2021 - Scientific proof for Inclusive karate “Syndrome of Down” thanks to the Erasmus+ sport project IKONS

October 16th  2021- sports & handicap training through ICP move (Hasselt)

October 22th 2021 - training by ICP-move at PXL


December 1st 2020 - #Beinclusive#Eusport awards (please inscribe)

December 7th 2020 - Interview with Eric Bortels about EU online championship I-Karate

December 13th 2020 - 1st Online EU Inclusive Karate Championship (please inscribe)